Unprecedented insight into your

Are you looking for insight into how to leverage your most valuable assets? ofPartner can help.

Identify opportunities for improvement.

Gain unprecedented insight into your organization to chart a clear path forward.

Boost the impact of strategic initiatives.

Goals are achieved when individuals change behaviors. Leverage data to motivate change and lay the groundwork for success.

Increase your management effectiveness.

Understand how your employees work and identify changes that will enable them to perform more effectively.

Improve change management efforts.

Make smart decisions faster with data that provides a comprehensive view of your workplace.

Information and Tools to Support Your Goals

What We Do

ofPartner was formed to improve the way operations are managed. Collecting and presenting information about how individuals, teams and organizations work is at the core of everything we do.

Why We Do It

A lack of quality management data means decisions are made by supposition, conjecture or opinion, which leads to poor results and missed opportunities. 

ofPartner is your partner in meeting these challenges.

Explore Our Products

This unique tool provides unprecedented insight into your operations by analyzing the job-related activities performed by each individual within your firm. Developed specifically for law firms, RevelationLegal provides a holistic view of your organization that can be used to identify strategic initiatives, define and focus individual roles, and help you proactively manage attorneys and staff.

Real Estate Module

Extend the insights you’ll gain from RevelationLegal with our powerful Real Estate Module, an easy-to-use system of reports and dashboards that allows you to apply a cost per rentable square foot to every activity performed in your firm. We deliver the data and tools you need to realize significant savings on your annual real estate expenses.

RevelationLegal-i is an extension of RevelationLegal, our revolutionary analysis tool designed for legal and administrative teams—even entire firms. We created this “i”ndividual version to empower solo practitioners, managing partners, practice group leaders and administrative professionals to improve their productivity and effectiveness. RevelationLegal-i delivers unprecedented vision into your day-to-day work life—all without a burdensome investment of time or money.

Designed to facilitate communication between managers and their teams, this tool enables a supervisor to quickly ascertain each employee’s workload daily, so that tasks can be routed from those who need assistance to those who have capacity to help.

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