ofPartner was formed to improve the way

operations are managed.

Collecting and presenting information about how teams and organizations work is at the core of everything we do. Why? Because a lack of quality management data means decisions are made by supposition, conjecture or opinion, which in turn leads to poor results and missed opportunities. 

ofPartner is your partner in meeting this challenge.

Our Core

The professionals who make up the ofPartner team have decades of experience in the legal industry. As a result, many of our products and services are tailored to that environment.

While our present offerings are designed to solve specific challenges, we have more in development. As they near completion we will offer information on our site to keep you informed of our progress.

Our Ambitions

Although our initial endeavors are focused on the legal industry, we know that they will easily transfer to other professional service sectors.

We look forward to expanding our offerings to include solutions to the unique challenges these businesses face.

New Ideas & Partnerships

Have you identified a problem that needs a solution?

Perhaps you have an idea for a solution? Please drop us a line.

We look forward to hearing about it! We are always excited to hear from like-minded innovators who are passionate about identifying and overcoming workplace challenges.

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